Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY: Christmas Wrapping

Better late than never, right?

Jessica had asked me on my Glitter Pumpkin DIY post if I had any ideas for a Christmas time DIY. Well, girl, not only is this post for you and anyone else looking for a seasonal DIY, it can also function for any other gift giving opportunity around the year.

The idea came from this wonderful kit I purchased last year from Home Depot (cost - $20).
And you know Martha can do no wrong.

This tool alone is worth the price of the whole box.

Add some gold paint (I think it looks festive).

And using your hand to glide the tool in a seesaw motion, you now have a woodgrain effect.

Tie up with yarn, and maybe a couple of tassels or pom poms, and you are done!


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