Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Partayyyyysss

Cory and I went to a friend's Christmas party last week.

But instead of talking about how much I drank or what I wore (bc, trust me, it wasn't anything special), lets talk more about the host and hostess' adorable Australian Shepard mix puppy.
Her name is Kozy...and I want her.
Aspen needs a friend, right??

My dad also had a Christmas party last night to exchange gifts before, oh you know, he left for a New Orleans vacation during actual, I'm not jealous. Why do you ask?
Cory had to sit this one out since he was shipped to Alabama for work, so he totally missed the Tennessee gag gift my dad bought us as an "early housewarming present" - Tennessee jersey salt and pepper shakers. Gag.
(As a side note, I don't hate on Tennessee, but Cory LOVES them and we have a small rivalry amongst ourselves ;) ).

My dad did, however, gift us with a Memphis Tiger's sign to put in our front yard.
(Much better, dad, much better.)
I'll be interested to see what Cory says about this one...

And in less than steller Christmas news, my mom fell and broke her arm while Christmas shopping.
Which left my sister and me in charge of cooking Christmas dinner...
Lets hope that the meal doesn't kill anyone. ;)

And just to end on a good note, I get to see these two tomorrow :)
Whit, aka the best aunt ever, is so excited!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!?
Where has the time gone??



Lovelyladyjb said...

OoO I love Christmas parties, and of course seeing the family, I can't wait to see my nephew! :)

new follower!

Delta Daisies said...

I need that Tiger sign in my yard!

I am Megan said...

That is just the cutest puppy ever!!

Kendra said...

that little pup is too cute for words!