Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekday Happies

I keep cracking up over this picture of Cory from Memphis Zoo Lights.
He is one stylin' panda, let me tell ya.
I'm in a serious need of a trim in the worst way possible,
 but thankfully my Nexxus Pro Mend treatment has helped me hide all the extra fringe. 
Operation "long hair for wedding hair" has officially commenced. 
My friend had told me about these little wonders when I saw one at her house party.
And they are awesome for burning candles without even lighting them. 
(Because I know I hate when I burn a candle down to the bottom and have all that extra wax left on the sides...)
My burned out wickless candles are now new again!


1 comment:

Dayna Leigh said...

The hot plate candle idea is fabulous! I need one for that and in the mornings too. I drink coffee but I get distracted when I'm getting ready so it tends to get cold...and there is nothing worse to me than drinking cold coffee expecting it to be hot!