Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Recap

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 
Now we can begin celebrating the 12 days of Christmas :)

Today I headed out with my sister to do some after Christmas shopping and enjoy getting out of the house.
Ava was my partner in crime. 

Michelle decorates for her church's Christmas party each year, so we were on the hunt for discounted holiday gear.
I doubt these ornaments would be next year's theme...

I know it's hard to believe that after 6 hours of shopping I didn't find anything I necessarily needed. I did, however stock up on some essentials like mascara and face wipes that were BOGO 50% off at Ulta.  

And Ava did find a snazzy pair of heels... 
(I totally would have bought her a pair if they came in her size...she LOVED them.)



Katie said...

Aww how cute is Ava?? I looked for some discounted holiday gear today too! There was actually some cute stuff at Home Depot of all places! xo

Mrs. Pancakes said...

made me smile when i saw boxing day...ahhh i miss Canada!