Wednesday, December 14, 2011

God is so good.

Seriously. I am beaming with pride as I write this. 

Last night as I was laying in bed (and checking my twitter) ((that's my ultimate way to unwind.)) I began to reflect on just how truly my group of friends and I have been blessed over these past few months.

My best friend (and Maid of Honor), Jenna, was accepted to her dream residency in her dream city and will be moving next year to North Carolina to pursue her goals.

One of my bridesmaids, Kristen, was asked by her boyfriend for her hand in marriage just one week after Cory asked for mine. And chicks, that gal is SOLID. Her wedding planning is in the books and she will be married in just seven short months from today. (I might have to take some tips from her...) 
Aren't they adorable?

Add some more upcoming weddings, baby showers, school acceptance letters, start up businesses beginning to take off, and a plethora of thankfulness, it all made me realize that I surround myself  with such an amazing group of women.

Women I look up to. 
Women that can make a difference.
Women that make me a better person.
Women that I am proud to call my friends. 



Erica said...

It really is so amazing to see all of the great things going on around us. I love all of the blessings and joy this season has brought thus far!

Michelle P said...

So many great things happening!

Permanent Nomad said...

great post!! <3